Adv. Spanish Grammar

Dec 2012

Jose is literally revolutionizing the way that grammar is taught to nonnative students--he has published tons of papers and his workbook is used in the proficiency level courses. His view of grammar is superinteresting (according to him, it is alive and no one but him and the people in class know it) The first half of this course is tougher than the second in that it is more philosophical and has more terminology--at the time it doesn't seem important to know the specific terminology but you should not only know the terms but know what they mean and be able to apply them. The second half of the course is learning how grammar and time is all about spatial movement--it sounds crazy but my understanding of spanish grammar has increased exponentially. Take the course and take good notes in class. Ask questions when you're confused. You'll learn a ton.

May 2009

This course helped tremendously with my grammar in all languages. Jose is a great prof whose primary goal is to enrich the students' understanding of Spanish and language in general. He does not assign a lot of work, and insists that a big part of the class is reflecting on the ideas he introduces to us about the way grammar can be viewed in terms of spacial relations. Strangely, it can work. I would estimate that my proficiency in Spanish was in the bottom half of the class, but it did not matter at all because the ideas are fundamental. Also, Jose is hilarious and friendly to everyone, and the class is fun. For the sake of other Spanish students, I hope this course is offered in the future.