American Politics Seminar: Elections and Representation

May 2010

Any political science seminar that you take with Erikson will be awesome--if you are laid back and have a sense of humour. Professor Erikson is a secret genius--you'll read about him everywhere. However, his seminar is hilarious and so is he. He will make jokes about the more comical members of the class and he loves all and everything corny. I seriously love this guy. Yes, his powerpoints are dull and worthless. Yes, you might have to do some bullshit book report. But Erikson is a more than fair grader and the discussions in his class can be pretty fun because he loves to talk about current events and lets you go off on whatever tangents you want. If you are someone who loves to study and loves to learn, then this class isn't for you. If you prefer to party and play sports (like me) take this class. You don't have to do any of the reading (okay, maybe a little when you have to write a discussion paper). Erikson is awesome, chill, and doesn't give a fuck (can I say fuck on this website?). Don't take his lecture class, you'll get shitty TAs. Take the seminar and become BFFs with this dude. He rocks.