Calculus IIA & IIIA

Dec 2020

Dragomir is a great teacher and was honestly quite fun to watch in online classes. He records all of his lectures and uses slides added to his own handwritten notes on his iPad (creating a document which he later uploads as a pdf, which I found quite helpful). He is very nice and answers emails and questions quickly. He laughs at himself during lectures. Personally, I had several problems during this semester, but whenever I missed a deadline or something similar I emailed him and he always gave me second chance and sent me best wishes with whatever I was dealing with - he was always super understanding and honestly worried about his student's wellbeing. Plus, more than once, he changed quizzes/assignments deadlines because his students asked him to, and he was always nice about it. In terms of teaching style, I understood pretty well everything he was teaching so just make sure you are up to date I guess and you are good. If you didn't get it, you can always go back to the pdf, the recorded class, or go to office hours and ask. Once again, he is super approachable and nice. This is absolutely unrelated but at first, because of his name, looks, and accent, I thought he totally looked like an evil wizard from the old movies. Which honestly, just adds to the whole experience. Also, if you watch the recordings with auto-generated subtitles its absolutely hilarious because the AI is clearly not getting anything (Ex. Do you buy the eggs? The differential is the blood of the goats) tl;dr he is v cool

Jan 2020

Dr. Klang is absolutely amazing. One of the best professor I have had at CU. Take this professor ASAP! She explains clearly and does not mind being asked to go over a topic again or explain further. The tests are fair, nothing too far off form the problems we do for HW. Now the best part. She lets you change the weight of the grading criteria H(within parameters) HW 25% PSETS 20% Mid 1/2 25% Final 25%. The final is divided in different sections each corresponding to each midterm; if you obtain a higher grade on section that pertains to Mid 1, then that grade would replace the midterm grade. Technically you can miss or fail the midterms, but if you do well on the final you can even still get an A. BOTTOM LINE! This professor is amazing. She cares that you actually know the topics, and will help you if you ask.

Dec 2019

I had Nathan for Calc. II. I expect an A or A- depending on the final. I am writing just to warn all the future lions who consider taking a class by Nathan. He's extremely friendly and nice, but he is an uber mediocre professor. Nathan typically presents the material clearly, but he is using only the most basic examples. He expects you to have a solid background in Calculus I and he will never review any concept from Calc.I. He takes for granted you remember everything from Calc. I, even the most minute details, and this part will make the whole class a frustrating experience. When I say he does not review stuff I mean the most obscure stuff like the definition of like (1 + 1/n)n=e. The series part of the course sucked. The material was challenging and unfortunately, Nathan was unable to give any insight. He only presented the most basic examples from Stewart and nothing more. After the second midterm, the class was a nightmare and the presentation of the material was extremely bad. Taylor and Maclaurin series had most of the class wondering wtf he was doing. They were whole sessions were the whole class was unable to understand wtf was going on. Apparently, he has never taught calc. I at Columbia, so he doesn't really know what we know and what we don't. Also, if you're an engineering student and you will have to take Drew Youngren's class, then you are screwed as Nathan decided not to teach parametric equations and polar coordinates which Drew loves and takes for granted you know. tl;dr: good guy, uber mediocre professor; grading that sucks, avoid if you're SEAS

Apr 2018

Hiding the hurt, hiding the pain, Hiding the tears that fall like rain. Saying I'm fine when I'm anything but. This Calc class in my schedule rips at my gut.

Apr 2018

She stood on the bridge In silence and fear For the demons of Calc III Had driven her here.

Dec 2017

Dearest Student, Congratulations to you, your tuition was well worth it. You find yourself in a course taught by none other than the living legend Patrick X Gallagher. The man has seen many moons, and a ton of numbers, and is all the wiser for it. A phenomenal calculus teacher, and an even better granfatherly figure in all of our lives (whether you're aware of it of not), Patty G's is the type of guy you want to sit down at a fireplace with, have hot chocolate with, and hear stories from the Euler's day. In all seriousness, this guy is fantastic. Lectures are more interesting than necessary for exams, book can teach you everything you need to know. Exams are fair, he is fair if you have to miss exams, homeworks are relatively simple. TAKE THIS CLASS You're welcome.

Jan 2017

Probably the quirkiest professor I've had. Most of what he teaches is copied off the textbook. He follows the examples from the textbook, so if you ever doubting or wondering what the hell is going on, just reference the textbook for his examples. Covers Calc II, integrals, methods of integration, polar and parametric, and Series and Sequences. His Russian accent is not as think as people say it is. He's a genuinely nice guy who doesn't always answer student's questions, but nonetheless, a pretty decent professor. He does crack jokes and most of the time students don't get it. Apparently, he doesn't teach Calc II much, he usually does Calc I and III.

Jan 2015

Let's nuance these reviews... Xin Wan is not a "terrible" professor. He's a nice, young guy who certainly is not a good lecturer, but does have good intentions. During class, he would skip steps in problems and write notes quite fast, but he would gladly pause to answer any questions (he actually asks specifically if we have any questions at the end of each example/problem/demonstration). However, I must admit that his goodwill won't always answer the question and most often you'll have to resort to other students or to the textbook to understand entirely. It's true that a lot of the work will have to be done on your own (mainly going through the notes again after class and reading the entire chapter and practising the examples in the textbook). Prof. Wan takes almost all of his problems on the midterms/final from the textbook so honestly it's not that hard once, you understand the concept... which is why I would encourage you to take Xin Wan's class if you are already slightly familiar with the concepts covered in Calculus II. If these are totally foreign to you, then the class might be harder, preciely because Prof. Wan has a hard time giving abstract definitions and introductory notions (the basics). If you're familiar with Calculus II concepts, then th class will actually be quite easy. Prof. Wan is an understanding person who will honestly admit that the examples/demonstrations he does in class are much harder than the problems that will be on the final. The weekly homework is about the same level of difficulty as what is on the exams. Overall, I would encourage you to take Wan's class if you don't want to spend your entire week doing calc (the worload is really light) and if you're already slightly familiar with Calc ii concepts.

Jan 2009

A pretty good and fair teacher. Lectures: For a good majority of the semester, his lectures were mostly straight out from the textbook's own examples, and I was tempted not to go to class, especially since his style is not very exciting. However it seemed near the end he started to pull questions from the textbook and demonstrate how to solve them. He tries his best to explain new concepts, but his explanations were often quite theoretical and I found that real-life examples (in the textbook) made the problems more accessible. He will spend a lot of the time on proofs, although towards the end, it was more problem-solving oriented. He tries to get the class involved occasionally by asking, "How do you think we should approach this problem?" but for the most part we just sit silent. Office hours: He's very free and very willing to help and repeat what he said in class. Very approachable due to his soft-spoken and mild nature. Grading: course grade is curved, so that's nice. Homework - TA grades the assignments. Picks 2 problems out of the 6-108 assigned a week to grade. I found the homework the hardest, in comparison to the midterm and the final. The questions were usually doable, but he would throw in a few really complex ones. Homework counts! So turn it in. You get to drop one though. Midterm and final - 6 questions for mid (two midterms), 10 for final. One or two Extra Credit questions. The midterm and final are very straightforward, straight from the examples and homework. Virtually nothing was unexpected or highly complex like a few of the problems on the homework, or "a new twist on an old problem." When there were a few, he basically curved it so that those problems were dropped. He preps you pretty well for the mids and final by listing suggested problems to go over.

Aug 2001

I totally loved Sean. I thought he was one of the best math teachers I have ever had. I got A's both semesters, I really learned the material, and understood it well enough that I could teach it tot others. n I actually enjoyed going to lecture. Sean's a funny guy n class is always entertaining. even if the material is difficult n boring, Sean's laugh n interesting way of explaining material lightens things up. Meeting with him helps a lot. go to class so he knows who u r, cuz he knows when ppl r there n when theyre not eventhough class is big. i'm really going to miss him next year! (he'll be back in like 2 years) and i hope i'll find another math professor as great as prof. Paul. I loved math this year so much that i'm even considering majoring in it :)