Comparative Politics Seminar: Organized Labor and Social Movements

Aug 2001

Mark (who requests you call him by his first name) is a great man. He realizes that juniors in the major (and seniors who have been abroad) rarely have a clue how to write a 40-ish page paper, and is prepared to guide you along the way. His office hours fill up quickly, but are always encouraging. I left them with an average of half a dozen new ideas scribbled down. Our seminar received emails from him at least once or twice each week, and they were not always seminar-related. He often took the time to encourage us to attend lectures, conferences, dinners, etc. He is probably one of the most approachable professors in the department. I'm not sure what a larger lectures would be like with him-he seems especially well-suited to smaller discussions, but certainly take a class with him when he is back from his sabbatical.

Jan 2000

Kesselman is the sweetest, most forgiving Professor you're ever going to meet. His office hours are better kept for chatting, "don't worry about the paper," he'll say "it's great, I really feel that it's going somewhere." -Even when It's evident that you don't even have a thesis. Some of the readings are standard theory texts and the more interesting one's are provocative. Hopefully, you'll enjoy Mark's left-wing politics. BEWARE REPUBLICANS -capitalism will get roasted. But stick with him and you'll walk out saying, "hmmm, what a good man."