First-year English: Legacy of Mediterranean I

Oct 2016

Prof. Paparella is a nice lady for the most part, except she is lowkey really brutal about essays and even your ideas. She cannot lead discussion very well, mainly because she shoots people's ideas down and then questions them in an attempt to get you to assert your answer which 9/10 times failed and instead just embarrassed the student. I dreaded this class every single day and so did the 15 other girls who were in my class. It was unenjoyable because no one wanted to participate in discussion, no one ever knew what she wanted on the essays which resulted in a lot of anxiety, and leg of med is just shit in general because the books are ancient and not very engaging. She wants you to write her way or no way at all and her way is completely different than what most of us learned back in highschool. As far as grading goes, however, she's really understanding about essay grades and if you screw one up she'll weigh the other one so as not to count the bad one. Overall I would recommend avoiding legacy in general unless youre into the aeneid and old texts and okay with being mildly confused the whole semester.

Mar 2015

great prof!

Dec 2013

I loved Andrew! What impressed me the most was his care and detail when looking at our rough drafts (which are ungraded--also a plus). He provided in-depth and helpful comments that made it easy to know where to start my editing process. He also made an effort to be available for additional help even outside his office hours. Did I mention he sometimes brings snacks to class??? All-around great guy who is both witty and hilarious.

Feb 2013

I loved this class. Pedatella is very engaging, passionate and smart, and discussions were always interesting. It's true that he is very convinced in the accuracy of his own analysis, and he has every right to be, but that does not mean he is unwilling to listen to differing ideas unless they are completely boneheaded. The reading was interesting and I enjoyed every book (The Odyssey, Dante's Inferno/Purgatory, The Hymn to Demeter, The Canterbury Tales, and Hamlet), especially because of the class discussions that shed light on parts of the text I'd overlooked. I feel that my ability to read and analyze improved greatly. The rewrites were helpful, but were focused almost entirely on the analysis and not writing on ability, so I don't feel that my writing was helped at all. On the whole: great class, great professor, great books.

Jan 2013

Professor Sastry made me more interested in classical literature. I took this class to fulfill the First-Year English Requirement. Sometimes the class discussions were not very interesting (she has a habit of clarifying what others have said), but when the class really enjoyed one of the novels the discussions became much more lively. She provides a lot of suggestions on the first draft of papers, which is very helpful as she sincerely wants to improve your writing skills. Going to office hours was extremely helpful in understanding exactly what she wants altered and she rewards trying to revise your paper. She made me incredibly interested in my research paper topic and I am not a person who gets excited over English. Overall, the class seemed a bit boring at the beginning, but one I got use to her discussion style I enjoyed it much more.

Jan 2012

Stefan is a fantastic professor! He is engaging, enthusiastic, and pretty brilliant. I got the impression that the experience you have in class is really dependent on the students in the class. If you have a class full of students with interesting ideas, or just the willingness to talk in class and argue a point, you'll surely have a great semester. He definitely emphasized his analyses of the texts, but he has gone through years of education and study to become an expert on the texts, so I didn't mind at all when he offered his own interpretation. He didn't shoot down people with different ideas. On the contrary, he would challenge the student to back up the idea with something in the text until we (as a class) deemed the idea valid or not. I think this made us all better readers in the end. Though he never gave formal instruction on writing, class time was better used interpreting the literature and he made it clear that he would work with any student who needed more writing help outside of class. Overall, I absolutely loved this class, and from what I heard from my friends taking Legacy with other professors, I definitely had one of the best. This class helped to advance the way I analyze literature to a much more sophisticated level. Just make sure you make the time to talk to him before you write your first drafts and re-writes. Usually, talking to him really allowed me to clarify my ideas and I was able to write more coherent papers. Listen to what he says, it is definitely valuable.

Apr 2011

why does this woman feel the need to paraphrase everyone's comments? if what i said wasn't clear, ask me to clarify instead of thinking im a babbling idiot who needs you to speak for me. discussion often lagged and we had hardly any debates or serious challenging of the text. felt a bit like high school at times although sitting in a circle around a table talking was nice. what also sort of sucks is the amount of books you have to buy and the stupid program or whatever it was that cost a fortune. the books were good but it's hard to cover virginia woolf in 2 classes. essays were okay. i don't understand why she grades the drafts.

Dec 2010

As I entered this class, I was very excited to read the classics since I've never read any of them before. And to be frank, I did read them this semester and I enjoyed them. However, the journey was a rather lengthy one, and it sometimes felt dragged along. This is only because every class was the same. Professor Lexton would give us a little sheet of history, she would then state what themes we would discuss in which chapters we read, and then the discussion was left up to the class with some guidance by her. With this in mind, I did get a lot out of the class. We learned a lot about analyzing material, delving into the hidden meaning behind the words, etc. However, I wish it would have been a little bit more inspiring and a bit more energetic. One thing I did appreciate was that she was never outspoken about how she felt about our contributions. She would only speak up about it if she felt as if it was completely wrong or off-topic. For the most part, she remained impartial and I greatly appreciated that. One thing I will definitely say is that she is a very hard teacher. If you don't write the essays in the way she wants it, it is hard to get a good grade. However, once you master the skill of "close reading" and you detail everything you want to say, you'll do okay. Just try and do that at the beginning of the semester because your grade will suffer. You don't necessarily need to do the reading for every class, but try and not get too far behind because she'll notice.