Mathematical Methods of Physics

Feb 2011

Currently taking Math Methods with him. He is a wonderful professor. I am a new grad student and previously went to a liberal arts college for my undergrad. I've come to realize that the highest praise I can give a professor is that they make me feel like I'm back with one of my undergrad professors, and he fits that description to a T. Both in class and in his office hours it feels like I'm sitting with my undergrad advisor or one of the many other excellent professors I had in undergrad. Excellent professor, very approachable (3 hours of office hours a week, split over two days, and is happy to sit and explain things to you), and he seems like he wants you to succeed and isn't just looking to jam everyone into a curve. His recitation sessions are also very useful and honestly unless you're easily knocking out the problems on your own, I think you're foolish not to stay for them. A+