Analog Electronic Circuits

Dec 2020

The ultimate educator! It is too bad he is an adjunct professor and not full time... Other profs should attend his lecture to learn how to teach complex materials. I do find him intimidating... But that is probably my insecurity. He has a scary level of mastery of a wide range of topics. Oh did I mention he has a youtube channel?! yeah... he has his own lab at home. Search for "the signal path".

Apr 2020

One of the best classes I have taken at Columbia so far. I studied under him for analog electronic circuits. The manner in which he navigates through various concepts intuitively is amazing. At the same time, he also makes you think and interact during the class. I used to look forward to this lecture every week. I strongly recommend taking any course he is teaching.

Jan 2012

Absolutely amazing class. Although very challenging. Shahriar is an absolutely amazing professor, he's a great lecturer and cares about his students actually learning the material. That said, there is a lot of material to learn in this class, which covers transitor-level amps and feedback. Most of the learning curve is building a familiarity and intuition with the material, and so it takes a ton of time. Even if it seems simple when he goes through an example in class (he makes it look ridiculously easy) you need to put in time outside of class. Right at the beginning Shahriar told the class that we needed to put in 20-30 hours a week in this class, and when we didn't believe him we all failed the midterm. So put it the time. He was nice enough to weigh the second midterm and final more than the first, I don't think anyone actually failed the class although there were more than a few who dropped out. Altogether, an amazing class that simply takes a lot of work, taught by a an absolutely amazing prof. Shahriar also has a video blog ( that has a few gems in it. He's great, one of the best professors I've ever had.

Jan 2011

The class was NOT impossible. It was challenging, and I probably would not have done well if I didn't have a study group, but it was certainly doable, especially if you did the homework. Though the professor can be intimidating at times (he responds to questions with "what?"), he is very helpful if you talk to him and go to his office hours. Additionally, he provided the notes for the entire class on the first day, so you didn't have to worry about constantly taking notes and could focus on the lecture itself. He also made videos of the lectures available to members of the class. Despite this, I would strongly recommend you attend class - it really does help. Also, I was in the class that had the 42 average midterm. The professor offered to use your final grade in place of your midterm grade if you did better on the final, so he's not out to get you. The simulations on the homework can be painful if you don't understand how to do them. Take the time to read though the documentation on the simulator early on - it will save you time in the long run.

Dec 2010

Two words to describe this class: mission impossible. Surprised there are not already reviews of this class from the previous "victims" who took the course. Even the syllabus states: "this is not a class you can do last minute studying to pass a test." Key word "pass." This is an exaggeration, but it's easy to worry when you don't understand any of the material going into any test. The average on the midterm was 42, definitely not a confidence booster going into a final with potentially harder material. Not to take anything away from the actual material, which I'm sure is extremely important, don't take it unless you're a grad student and you know what you are doing. Even if you satisfy both of those requirements, tread lightly.