Visions of International Order

Jan 2011

Professor Mazower is a very nice man, but I was not a fan of this class. I still like the idea of the course, but it was structured in a way that kept me bored and left me disappointed. The biggest problem was the readings, which were either too long or just mind-numbingly boring. The discussions tended to be pretty awful, and it seemed like Professor Mazower did a lot more talking than would seem appropriate for a seminar. It seemed like we just jumped all over the place each week, and the takeaway from the course was that (a) international institutions are super complex and crazy, (b) nobody is very good at writing History about international institutions. So basically, Wikipedia 'UN' and 'World Bank' and skip the pain. The only big grade was a research paper that didn't necessarily have to do with anything learned in the course. So there was really no reward for slogging through the books and articles all semester. I'm pretty upset I bought the books. Finally, Mazower doesn't grade easily.