Violence and Justice

Sep 2015

TAKE THIS CLASS! Best professor i've had so far at Barnard (only a freshman) and even though im not a person interested in poly sci, she made every class engaging and enjoyable. You will love this class if you follow the news and have an opinion about the world. Can't express enough how much this class rocked!

May 2013

Fascinating readings!! Gave a very holistic overview of how thinkers or philosophers or others grappled with violence, politics, and justice. The professor has a solid grasp of the material, and is very interested in helping students. However you have to be prepared to put in a lot of hours of reading. And it's not semi-optional, you actually have to read, annotate, respond, participate etc. But if you do the readings and keep up with the material, you'll be interested in what these people had to say.

May 2011

This seminar was amazing. It wasn't initially my first choice for a first year seminar, but I am so glad that I was able to take it. While the subject matter was not really in my area of interest, it was all very though-provoking. This class taught me how to think critically about my sources instead of blindly accepting them as fact. While this seminar did seem to have more work than the rest of the first year seminars, I feel that it is well worth it. Although Professor Gundogdu is strict about the course material, she is actually a sweetheart and knows everybody by name. I highly recommend this course.