Introduction to Robotics

May 2011

I was fooled (FOOLED I TELL YA) by the awesomeness implied by the course title and by the course description. Less than 20% of the subject material covered even mentioned the word "robot." Everything was extremely theoretical and mathematical, and most of the time we were just solving linear algebra problems or feedback problems without understanding how it pertained to robotics. I did fine in the class, got my A, and understood absolutely everything - all the math and theory was fine - except I would have no idea how to apply any of it to robotics. Also, class is from 6:10-9:20 on Tuesday nights and Longman is very very disorganized and boring. However, the book is horrible and he never uses it, so you have to go to lecture. If you don't understand something in lecture, you will not be able to find it somewhere else.