Europe in International Thought

Jun 2011

While Professor Mazower is quite possibly the nicest professor you will ever have, this class was for the most part boring and confusing. Oftentimes there would be little context to the discussion, meaning that all students had to do outside readings if they were unsure of the topic. The discussion typically involved Professor Mazower talking for half of the class and then leaving it open for a few student comments before picking up the reigns again. The topic is interesting, but Mazower admitted it himself that this is a subject he is still working on in his research so the structure of the class and what the students were supposed to get out of it was never as clear as it could have been. Additionally, as one other reviewer mentioned, Mazower is not an easy grader. He gives no indication of your final grade until the end of the semester (most of which is based off a 25-30 page term paper). So all in all, the course was at times interesting but more often than not it was frustrating.