Economics of Sustainability Management

Sep 2011

I took Professor Bose's Economics of Sustainability Management class in the first semester he was teaching, Fall 2010. Professor Bose cared a great deal about his students and had consistently made himself available in office hours. It is a challenge to teach economics to students with a great range of background in the area and I think as the semster progressed, Bose improved in his style. From other students who had taken his class in the following semester it seems that he continues to just get better. I thoroughly enjoyed the class - but I did find group problem sets somewhat difficult. The problem sets themselve are difficult, but also working in large groups to agree on a single answer for each question was a challenge. I think it would be better if you could work on your own problem set but then meet in groups / with friends to help each other out. Regardless, the problem sets were very helpful towards studying for the midterm - which was harder than expected, but overall I think it was fair. The group project at the end of class was a great experience and an effective means of incorporating the principles of economics learned in the semester with the real life issues of sustainability being studied.