Survey of American Civilization since the Civil War

Apr 2016

Professor Vaz is the kind of professor that makes college worthwhile. I sincerely believe that one would be hard-pressed to find a reviewer who'd say anything negative about him, unless they never showed up to class and in turn didn't do particularly well. I quite literally wrote down verbatim some of the things he said to us in class, they were THAT meaningful to me. I'm not a history major, but I had to take the survey class as a pre-req, and it's what inspired me to take America Since 1945. Going to class was truly a pleasure, I found myself angry when I had to miss it for whatever reason. As a lecturer, Vaz is dynamic and charismatic. He has notes to look at, but he rarely refers to them. He has a seemingly endless amount of knowledge about Supreme Court cases, which may sound dry but I assure you, it's not at all. He could probably teach a history class structured around some of the most pivotal cases. This is knowledge I used in other classes, papers, and even in conversation. His lectures on American history covered abortion and housing discrimination in ways I never knew about. During the very last class of the semester, he commented on the Black Lives Matter movement. Outside of the classroom, Professor Vaz is incredibly approachable and supportive. Without any real incentive or necessity, he read and commented on my senior thesis. Because his classes are rather large, it's easy to go a semester without ever really engaging with him one-on-one - DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. It is so valuable to talk with him, whether or not you actually have something to go over. He's cool and incredibly wise. If you are reading this review and considering whether or not to take his class, drop everything and take it. The only reason you shouldn't is if it conflicts with a mandatory plan to take a class with him next semester. I've had a lot of professors while at BC/CC, and he ranks as one of the absolute best.

May 2004

If you have the opportunity to be in Mr. Murphy's section, definately get in. Like the other review states, he's really, really kind when you have a bad week and can't finish the reading. If you tell him before section that you can't make it, he's totally cool with it, just as long as you do your posting. But, you really should go to section because not only is he incredibly knowledgable about history, he always makes sure to simplify topics or articles that are difficult. He'll explain them thoroughly, and then give you the bottom line in one sentance. He was also really helpful with my research paper. The TAs were striking, but he answered all my questions via email and was even willing to look at a couple pages of writing. Basically, Mr. Murphy is an awesome TA because he is smart and cool, so I suggest you take him.

Nov 2001

Prof. McCaughey is an excellent teacher. He grades his papers rather easily and his tests are not too hard. He is very knowledgeable of the material and has a class website and CUBoard that will answer any question a student may have. He also provides an outline of his lectures on his website so you don't have to go to class. But I would highly recommend attending if you have an intrest in History b/c his lectures are excellent.

Jan 2000

A good class and very good teacher. This is a wonderful introductory course to United States history and to history as a discipline. Not too difficult either.