Transnationalism, Cosmopolitanism, Diaspora

Dec 2011

Overall, she assigned good readings but had some really huge misses. She should have never assigned William Bourroughs. I really don't know what she was thinking, but 1. that doesn't count as cosmopolitan or diasporic, and you would have to make a stretch to say it was transnational and 2. that's not a work of literature. That's a beat poet on acid who knew how to make it a best seller. As for the online discussion posts, Jin could've provided more structure by proposing specific questions about the book. She would very often cherry-pick the posts she liked the most and talk about them in class, consistently never mentioning certain students at all and certainly not making a very conducive atmosphere. The discussion is PAINFUL, and she particularly used heavy jargon in the last class, so much that NOBODY understood what the hell she was talking. She has a really thick accent but moreover doesn't enunciate well at all, or provide good segueways, or even good questions at all, and the discussions are so painfully awkward. She's an academic, not a professor. She should hole herself up in her ivory tower and never teach again. Take this class, but not with her.