Black Masculinity

Dec 2011

Prof. Blount is a wonderful professor and this class was a wonderful class. It's obvious that Prof. Blount invested a lot in our class, from his very thoughtful, purposeful, engaging syllabus, to his always-brilliant lecture notes, to organizing class trips (free trip to a show, free trip to a movie!), to bringing in speakers, to giving us snacks and ordering us dinner. Many profs will give a lecture and leave the room or will let students run the class, but Blount consistently demonstrated his interest and care for each member of the class. He also did a good job of balancing his expertise on the material and students' desire to offer their own thoughts and opinions: each class was a mixture of lecture, student presentation, and discussion of the texts. This was useful because there was always so much to cover and most students had a lot to say--our discussions needed framing and structure and he facilitated them well. Take this class if your are interested in Af-Am Studies, Gender Studies, American literature, or even just confused/angry/curious about portrayals of black men in the media. You'll learn so much in a dynamic environment with a expert professor who loves the material.