International Human Rights Law

Mar 2018

Professor Cooper is one of the most hardworking and supportive professors I have ever had during my 4 years. She takes work ethics and dedication to a whole new level. The class is 2 hours but you won't get bored because she knows how to keep the students engaged. The readings that she assigns are very interesting and relevant. She would usually lecture on the topic for the first half of the class and then go into the details found in the readings. This is one of the few human rights classes where I actually LEARNED about international law. She takes plagiarism very seriously and would go out of her way to teach her students how to properly attribute information to their original owner (something most professors don't care about but is very crucial for graduate studies). I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning about international human rights law -- Professor Cooper is a treasure.

Mar 2014

I have to say that I find her to be a very interesting person. And outside of class she's great, but I could not handle her teaching style. I truly wish I had waited a semester and taken it with someone else. She's super rambely and unstructured. I rarely felt like the readings mattered to lecture, and she asked for a lot of reading sometimes (this was super weird, some weeks it was 40 pages, others 180, wth?). It wasn't a terrible class, and I did fine, which is sad, considering I felt i could've gotten so much more out it had I had a mores structured and logical approach to the course.

Dec 2011

The class was pretty laid back. Professor Ergas' lectures felt unstructured at times but I enjoyed the examination of the complex process of creating international law. Some complained that she was too abstract but I think her approach made me more capable of analyzing new scenarios as they arise rather than just understanding individual cases. I feel much stronger reading, thinking about, and discussing IHRL and Human Rights in general now that I've taken this class.