Language and the Brain

Jan 2003

Professor Miozzo comes off a nice guy, and he is. Unfortunately, this class was one of the most boring I have ever taken. I had a lot of trouble waking up in the morning just so I could go to class and listen to his incomprehensible English. If I didn't know any better, judging from the slides he used I would think the class was taught in Italian. TA sessions proved the most helpful for me and I think everyone else in my class. Miozzo would just sort of whiz through the material and expect us to gather all the intricate details from the absolutely awful text that he uses. In short, if you want a linguistics-oriented Psych class that's in-depth and entertaining, pass on this one. Krauss' Human Communication is very similar, and much better.

Jan 2002

Miozzo is a professor who loves to teach. His lectures can be slightly disorganized and, because the material is difficult, sometimes hard to follow. But if you're interested in neuro and language, take the class-- the work will be worth it. Beware, however, of Miozzo's sometimes hard to understand Italian accent (once you begin to understand it, it becomes deeply endearing).

Sep 2001

Though the material for this course is interesting--if a bit too technical--Miozzo makes the class as boring and incomprehensible as possible. He simply cannot explain concepts clearly or in interesting ways. Lectures are muddled and tests are poorly written. Unless you're in love with linguistics, avoid.