Electromagnetic Theory

Aug 2020

Lam is hands down the best professor in the physics department. As an undergraduate taking a graduate course, Lam manages to explain Landau's Vol 2 (a classical field book) to such clarity and intuitive appeal and that I don't feel there is any need to read the book anymore. His is very good at distilling complex/confusing concepts into understandable chunks. For graduate students, his course also tailor to preparation for the qualifying exams as he gives past exam problem as homework. Highly recommend any of his class!

Dec 2011

Having taken a class by Prof. Blaer for the third time, I must say he can teach any course in physics! The material is very clear, concise, and informative. His organization makes reviewing your notebook so much easier and it ultimately helps with the exams. He extended this course by half-hour each lecture to make time for recitation, which allowed people to come on either day depending on their progress with the homework. The exams are straightforward and fair. They are also very interesting because once you do them, you feel like you've learned something so deep! If you screw up the midterm, no worries, because depending on your performance on the final, he will omit the midterm as one of his ways he formulates the grades. All in all, any class Prof. Blaer teaches will be a class on my schedule! Since I'm now a grad student, I may not have a chance to have him anymore... so I spread my word of advice - if you have the chance to - take any of his courses!!