CHTENIIA Voina i mir

Aug 2012

I thought this was a great class. The demographics of the class are pretty interesting-- it's a mix of grad students, 3rd/4th year undergrads, and a couple of native speakers ( disclaimer: I am one of those native speakers). Regardless of this, I thought the class discussions were very interesting, and I thought everyone participated to the best of their ability, which is all that Reyfman asked for. As for Reyfman, herself, she is incredibly prepared for every class. She has the syllabus prepared before the semester starts and sticks to it. She asks great questions every class, and she often provides students with a small lecture about the background (especially since war and peace has many important historical events that students might not know about). Overall, I highly recommend this class and professor Reyfman to anyone interested in Russian literature with a good enough grasp on the language to be able to read it in Russian.