The Novel and Global Capitalism

Aug 2009

The class seemed experimental and Prof. Jin occasionally a bit befuddled by her own material, but it was still a great educational experience I’d recommend to anyone. Beware: the title is a bit misleading – only (North) American novels are on the syllabus, which jumps from L. Frank Baum to William Carlos Williams and Kurt Vonnegut. Discussion sometimes strayed into entropy, mergers, and game theory before dependably boomeranging back to the topic at hand. Wen is firm and anything but overbearing with her own readings, she knows the books left and right, and her sense of humor pokes through winningly. The workload is ideal and light (who doesn’t like to do one small paper and one big one?) and the grading is fair and just. Making a Courseworks post every week is kind of a pain in the ass, but it’s worth it. Take anything with Wen Jin if the subject matter even remotely interests you.