Islam in the Post Colonial World

Jan 2012

Professor Haider was without a doubt the best Professor I had last semester, and his class was my favorite by far despite the fact that it was my most work intensive course. He managed to infuse even the most boring subject with information that captivated and made the subject come alive. His main goal is not for class to be an hour of lecturing, but rather interaction between the students and himself. He cares an incredible amount about their success and is very encouraging. His primary concern is that you actually take something from class and learn, and as such, in each class he did call upon two people whom he would ask questions about the readings. But they were general concepts, and as long as one read and comprehended, they were fine. Don't be intimidated. If you actually do the work, you will do well. In essence, his dedication to the material and his excellence in transmitting the information with hilarity while making it fascinating made EVERY class one I was unwilling to miss for any reason.