Literary Texts, Critical Methods (Seminar)

Feb 2015

Mary Grace is such a sweetheart. Like the previous reviewer said, she's always willing to make time to talk, recommend you books, tell you about some exhibit going on in NYC and also like the previous reviewer said, she has an awesome wardrobe. The only thing was even though she's really nice, she's also really direct which I found off-putting at first (she WILL put you on the spot or will just say "that's wrong" in front of everyone. Oh, and she hates Pride and Prejudice and let us know it). However, this directness also means she'll give you really practical rules for how to get an A or will give you a list of "pet peeves" never to commit in papers. She has a pretty good sense of humor too. Just do the reading, avoid doing things from her pet peeves list, go to her office hours and you'll get a good grade.

Jan 2012

I just spent a long time writing out a very harsh review of Irvin Hunt, but decided that it was overly biased and heated, not to mention rambling. My basic opinion is that I find Hunt's communication abilities and, more importantly, his grasp on the material, to be simply unacceptable. Not only did I not feel that I learned anything new from him, I felt that there was a basic lack of clarity in the way he conducted class and the discussions that resulted. Two class periods was enough to totally convince me that an entire semester with Hunt would be highly unproductive. I recognize the limitations inherent in my viewpoint: having only attended two classes before switching sections, I cannot give anyone advice about the trajectory of the entire semester. I suppose all that I can really say is that, if anyone attends one class with him and finds it very frustrating, but wishes to wait and see if maybe the next class will be better, I can tell you that in my experience the next class was even worse. Potential students: I advise you to trust your instincts. I get the impression that the class would have been pretty easy, but the two classes I had with Hunt were quite possibly the most intellectually infuriating four hours of my life.