Masterpieces of Western Art

Nov 2012

"I would like to be part of the "Everyone Loves Julia" bandwagon, but I'm not. For the record, I got an A- in her class, and was disappointed with that; so you can factor that in when evaluating my review. In fact, I would be okay with the grade, but she fairly clearly gave me the grade without ever having read my final paper - which unfortunately became clear when I asked her what she thought about it. (Moreover, she became stunningly bitchy, truly beyond anything that I have ever experienced with any other professor or teacher, when I asked her for feedback: "You're almost saying something intelligent here. Did you plagiarize this?" No, and you're out of line.) Anyway, to stick with art for a second, Julia's lectures are pretty damn good, though she's not a particularly good listener, and she has trouble when a student notes anything subtle or that she herself has not thought about before. She also fairly clearly hasn't spent much time looking at some of the paintings that are in her slides. I also would warn you that you will get marked down a half grade for being a guy (if you are one), or at least you'll have to compensate for that in some way. On the other hand, since she processes things heuristically (intuitively and superficially), you can probably use that to your advantage if you know that going into the game.

May 2012

I totally agree with everything the previous poster said. Julia is just fantastic! I knew nothing about art coming in to class- and honestly, I didn't have a lot of interest, either. That changed after the first class. She brought it all to life, and made it so interesting! Class wasn't about dates and trivial things (although dates were on the midterm), but about digging deep into what the art was really all about. It was fascinating, and I was hooked. I thought the visits to the museums were going to be a pain, but I actually wound up staying after our tour was over so I could look around more on my own. Julia gave me the tools to understand and appreciate what I was looking at. I'll never be an expert on art, but I will carry this appreciation for the rest of my life, and I know I will continue to visit museums in the future. Julia is not only a great teacher, but a really, really nice person. I'm so glad I had her as a teacher. She definitely deserves a gold nugget!