Friendship in Western/Eastern Civilization

Nov 2012

He is one of the best professor I've met in Columbia, I must say. I don't know what he was like before, but the Prof.Silve I know is super knowledgable, humble, and helpful. I am sure most students in my class would agree with me on that. I took friendship in eastern/westen civilization with him, a class co-taught with Rachel Chung from Ealac that lauched in Spring 2012. It was an absolutely amazing class. Class content rotate, one on the east then one on the west. When Prof. Silver teach the western part of the story, prof. Chung listen and discuss with us like another student. Same to Prof.Silver, who wanted to learn more about Asian culture as eagerly as we did. Both of the professors was very enthusiastic, class discussion was very interesting, and the workload was not bad at all. There was supposed to be an oral final and a research paper, but they cancelled the oral final because they thought everyone participated in the class really well, and there was no need to test us on how much we knew about the class material. He replied all my emails super fast, and would meet with you happily to talk about any concerns you have. He has a whole library in his head, and all the books/articles that he recommended were super helpful. He is a great scholar and professor. I would recommend his class to any person. He's been here since 1964. In my eyes, he is the model of a true scholar.