Elementary German II

Nov 2012

Michael Lipkin has been an extraordinary success with my German class. His conversational approach to the class really challenges you to think in a different language on the spot. He assigns enough material to reinforce concepts covered in the class. I've taken German three years in high school, but I've learned how to begin to speak and think in German better in just this one semester of Mr. Lipkin's class. He has a very warm and engaging personality. If you're afraid of teachers that like to laugh a lot, then this will not be your favorite class, because he brings so much relaxation to the class. You will find yourself wanting to study either because you don't want to be embarrassed when he converses with you, or because he really just motivates you to study. There is no professor I would rather have had for my first language class. Mr. Lipkin is truly a brilliant, exceptionally amazing teacher; I can thank him for my renewed interest in German. YEAH

Oct 2012

What a wonderful professor! Hannes not only deserves a review, but also a nugget. He is intelligent, organized, patient, generous, modest, available, and…as one of my classmate puts it, "German, in all the good ways". Granted, he is not as animated as RAKorb due to his shy (or perhaps, German) character, which might not be preferred by some. Nevertheless Hannes's teaching style is far from reserved. His classes are well organized; his explanations are clear. He adds interesting reading materials to Kontakte (the textbook), and always has a smile on his face. I actually feel less stressful in Hannes's class because he is very encouraging and doesn't put people on the spot. Most importantly, Hannes takes his work really seriously, and he truly cares about his students. That being said, Hannes is always on top of his emails, welcomes students to his office hours, adapts quickly to students' suggestions, and is even willing to sacrifice his personal time helping his students. These, however, are only part of Hannes's wonderfulness. If you ever get a chance to know Hannes more, you will be surprised how knowledgable he is in German history, literature and philosophy. As someone who is interested in German intellectual culture, I find this simply invaluable. Besides all the above, Hannes is a Berliner. After studying German under him for only half of a semester I can already tell how great of an advantage our section has. To sum up, if chances permit, I would be more than happy to work with Hannes again in future semesters (I have decided to concentrate in German after taking this class). I highly recommend this professor to anyone, especially to those who still haven't make up their minds on registration.