Size of Government

Dec 2012

Professor Goodhart is a remarkable professor who deserves every bit of her silver nugget, if not a gold one. She is energetic, witty, engaging, passionate, and extremely knowledgable about everything she teaches. She also has a British accent which makes everything cooler. This class is all about fiscal policy, which I'll admit is pretty darn boring, but if you put even the smallest ounce of effort forward, she will lure you in and help you actually learn something useful. Her grading is very fair and she really wants to see all of her students succeed. Goodhart is always available to meet with you and really will work with you until you understand whatever it is you need. She is a true gem on the PoliSci staff (which is a solid crew to begin with) and definitely worth a try if you can muster up the courage to deal with the intricacies of welfare and economics (but no significant prior econ knowledge is necessary).