Introduction to Logic

Jan 2021

I took Intro to Logic with Karen Lewis, and I'd say it was a pretty fair course. She is very lenient if you need more time to do work and will help you if you ask for help. We fell behind a bit and I think the pacing for the class could have been better but overall she's pretty nice and a good professor. I don't think this was a particularly memorable class, neither terrible nor amazing, but I did learn logic from it so I guess it served its purpose. To be fair, I took this class when it was online because of coronavirus so it might be different in person.

Apr 2017

He's a good professor, clear and breaks down the material for you if you don't get it. BUT,.. the material is seriously challenging.. for a 1000 level class. I put in some serious study time every week to be able to 'get it'.

Jun 2016

Despite the occasional flub when reading from his slides, as well as a sometimes frustrating ambivalence about just how to relate the material (in other words, having trouble explaining certain concepts), Professor Morrison is very witty and clearly dedicated to his students' success. If you need to fulfill your Quantitative Reasoning requirement and are unsure about which class to enroll in, I do recommend taking Professor Morrison's course. Just make sure to attend, because it will really help with the tests (which are always steeped in whatever material has been discussed, with no unpleasant surprises).

Jul 2015

If you can't afford a tutor, don't take Intro to Logic with Karen Lewis. Just don't.

May 2015

Read some mixed reviews of Prof. Lewis for her Intro to Philosophy course. Decided to take Intro to Logic with her. Huge mistake. This must have been her first time teaching Intro to Logic and it showed. She wasn't confident in the material at all. There were times when she froze up trying to answer questions in a way that had the whole class cringing. The material is easy at first so you're able to get through her poorly made and confusing lectures without any consequence but after the first test it gets significantly harder. She plodded through an ocean of confused faces and delivered her powerpoint presentations just the same. Don't take this class with her unless you are naturally gifted at understanding math. My gut feeling is that she won't be teaching it again anyway.

May 2015

Not a fan of Prof. Lewis. She seems very uncomfortable teaching and usually resorts to reading word for word from her PowerPoint slides. I have never seen so many confused faces in a class or so many people come to office hours before an exam. She's an unforgiving grader and does not curve. (She did, however, provide a make up exam for the many who scored poorly on the midterm so they could bring their grades up to an 80-- which kind of says something about her teaching ability, IMHO). There are plenty of sharp people who easily pick up this kind of QR material, but if you don't have a mind for it, take this class with another professor (or take another QR course if you're trying to fulfill the requirement).