Power and Pleasure: Intro to Sexuality Studies

Nov 2016

Professor Pittman is one of the best professors I've had. He is a young and energetic lecturer, and is able to break down difficult texts in a way that is both interesting and relatable as a student. Class time goes by fast, and, even in a large lecture setting, isn't dominated solely by him speaking. He genuinely wants to hear from the students in his class. We've watched and discussed videos and commercials, and have even spent a bulk on class reading "men seeking men" craigslist ads. This class is fascinating and a lot of fun, but you still learn a lot too, and the workload definitely isn't "easy". Pittman assigns sizable readings between classes, especially over the weekend, and the concepts discussed within the readings can often be difficult to understand, as Pittman himself acknowledges. Pittman asks us to engage the multiple texts and the theories proposed in response papers, and in our midterm, so it's important to actually understand them. It's hard to bullshit. I would certainly recommend taking a class with this Professor. He is young, passionate, and engaging. He knows everyone's name in our lecture class! However, he does take attendance at the start of every class, which is somewhat unusual for a lecture. So if you're hoping to skim the readings, bang out the papers, and only come to class some of the time, probably isn't the best class for you.

Jan 2013

Professor Sameh is the nicest professor I've had at Columbia. The readings and discussions are quite interesting. This class widened my scope and provided me with useful tools to analyze human rights, gender studies, politics, and relationships in general through a wider lens. Professor Sameh introduced me to several great feminist authors, yet she made it seem like I was reading for fun instead of a workload. The class has no TAs, Professor Sameh is a great lecturer, very engaging and knows how to explain the material. Attendance is mandatory, but I don't know why anyone would miss her lectures. Great class overall!