Solar Thermal Engineering

Jan 2014

This course, as mentioned previously by another reviewer, is roughly divided into two parts. The first part is basically an introduction to his research area in thin films and radiative cooling. At the end of this section we were given a group project.The second part, is on thermal analysis of flat plate and parabolic rough collectors. Again, at the end, we were given a group project. Arvind is always ready to answer doubts during and after classes, but he does expect students to know certain concepts. I would strongly advice to go over basic engineering math and heat transfer for this class. ALL ASSIGNMENTS AND PROJECTS INVOLVE CODING. He recently moved from MATLAB to Python. Get to know at least the basics of Python before starting this course and you'll be able to pick up the language easily as the course progresses. All in all, I would recommend this course to anyone interested in solar thermal engineering and modeling of such systems

Jan 2013

The course is roughly split into two sections, one being the beginning spherical geometry part, the other being that of heat transfer, which is after the midterm. The materials for the first half will be tested through a relatively easy midterm utilizing the understanding rather than the derivation of the materials that he requires understanding, and the second half of the course will be tested through a final project, which features MATLAB coding, and will be the sole interest for Arvind. No final exam. What's worth mentioning about the course is the lack of management of the materials. The professor seems to be more interested in making things reasonable to himself than the rest of the class. He definitely requires interaction with students, but on rather weird occasions. If you'd took the heat transfer course of his before, it could be much easier, though. P.S. There were only two sets of homework, both involves derivation and MATLAB/Mathematica coding and will be graded by the grader together with the midterm. As these only appear at the beginning of the semester, make sure to contact the grader/TA if you've got a problem, since Arvind himself doesn't really that much welcome conditions that you obviously have no idea what he was talking about.