Empirical Research Methods

Jan 2018

perhaps I'm just mentally challenged in the area of statistics but this is ONE HELL OF A RIDE. to be fair, professor miller does warn students that this class is going to be super hard. discussion sections are useless because it's 20 people all doing their own thing on STATA. one positive aspect of the course is that you definitely learn a lot. It's the kind of class that's hard, and doesn't give you an easy-A, but in the end, you are skilled in the topic. by the end of this class, I promise you I had recurring nightmares of failing the class, that's how stressful it was. I remember Butler being full of students from my class at 3 am in the mornings as we would stare at each other with a pitiful gaze... oh my... why take this course then, you may ask. if you want to be an academic in political science, if you want to truly understand political quantitative analysis, take this course. compared to other methods courses, I'm positive you'll learn more. If you're looking for an easy way to get the methods requirement over with, please, save yourself.

Jan 2013

Professor Green is a great professor who joined us from Yale. Very knowledgable on the subject of American Politics (esp elections) and research methods (esp experimental methods), he makes the lectures very interesting with a range of articles from different disciplines of political science (AP, CP, IR). His exams and assignments are easy. That said, you will only cover the very introductory materials. You will have encountered most of the things learnt in this class in intro to statistics. The only new things were in the second half of the class on experimental methods. NB. You will learn R instead of STATA.