Human Rights and Immigration

Dec 2018

Took Human Rights and Migration Seminar. Very boring class, of what could have been such an interesting topic. Readings were not very stimulating. However the workload made the class worth it for me because I had fun doing it.

Apr 2013

Professor Gundogdu is an exceptional instructor. Prior to class you have to read articles related to a specific subject then she reviews the readings in class VERY CLEARLY. There is absolutely no doubt what the author's main points are, how the argument is constructed or how it relates to topic/class. After spring break she began having us discuss the readings in groups rather than lecturing the entire time, which was very useful to work with others in trying to understand the material. If you have ANY question (which you probably won't unless it's about an assignment) she is very helpful. She definitely enjoys her field and she is passionate about teaching. If you keep up with the readings you will be prepared for the essays and short responses. Course is about how human rights laws/norms work with governments to address refugee, migration and asylum seekers' issues. VERY interesting course!