Nov 2019

Felice is the GOAT. He makes coming to class fun. He is easy to talk to. Great teacher, very patient, and creates a welcoming comfortable environment for shy students or idiots like myself to be able to participate in class. He really cares about his students and wants them to succeed, but he's not a hardo. He doesnt use which is awesome if you hate having to do all those dang things every week like me. Instead he just gives out worksheets for homework which he goes over in the next class. You have your typical temas you have to write and a few quizzes, the midterm, and the final. He's a fair grader. I took him for Italian 3 and 4 and Felice is always felice.

Jan 2005

Patrizia is an awesome teacher! I had her for two semesters and thought that her class was awesome. The workload is incredibly light and learning really depends on your own participation.

Jan 2000

Does a good job of moderating discussion, inserting his opinion at times, but also allowing students room to hash things out for themselves. Provides good historical, biographical information, but never to excess. Highly recommended.