Europe After Lisbon

Jun 2013

Before giving a review of Lucy, let me give a review of my class performance, so everyone can review any potential biases on my part. I got an A- in this class with a majority grad students. The A- would have been an A if I had managed my time better at the end of the semester, as I screwed up on the final. Of the 30 or so class meetings I probably attended 15, and made about 2 of the 10 weekly TA meetings. So overall, I was one of those students that the professor quickly realized knew the material well but was clearly not giving a full effort in the course. I was the guy most profs love to hate. Despite my above behavior, Lucy Goodhart treated me like I was just another student, and for Lucy, that means enthusiastic and eager support for any possible question you may ever have. I wrote my term paper on a subject she is quite knowledgeable on, and to which I never attended lecture, and she still took the time to discuss the relevant subject matter with me and was always offering praise for my work. In my columbia experience, most professors essentially ask you to romance them (By this I mean showing up to all the classes, going to office hours, basically pretended like their class is the reason for your existence). Lucy does not care. She treats the class as a learning experience for herself as well, so she is quite forgiving and open with the course. In summation, Take any course with lucy goodhart. She deserves a gold nugget.