Methods for Social Research

Nov 2013

Took this class as a sociology major requirement. The class is just as titled goes through explaining the various strategies and processes sociologists perform in research and sociological studies. Professor Kesler is very knowledgeable in the subject but assumes that everyone knows her overly excessive complicated vocabulary. She is dry boring lecturer answers questions but somehow you end up more confused about the material. She has lecture slides, online after each lecture, that sort of simplifies all she talks about in class. There was a discussion section where the TAs worked to reinforce the material just for the major project assignments. There are heavy heavy readings for each class that will be quizzed on(quizzes not much of an issue though as range 2 to 10 simple questions max) The difficulty and frustration out of this class mostly came from the 4 major written assignments. Although they seemed straightforward there is sooooo much I mean soooo much work that goes into completing each of the projects(thankfully had option of group collaborations with some of them). But if you work moderately hard at it you can survive the class.