Elementary German II

Apr 2020

An angel! I love Hazel so much. She is one of sweetest and most generous professors I have ever met. If you ever need anything, she will find a way to accommodate you. That said, she is not so easy on you that you won't learn. She assigns useful homework, gives great feedback on essays, is always accessible for office hours, and makes oral practice in class and out feel comfortable and effective. You can definitely get an A in her class if you come to class, complete all her assignments, and study briefly before tests. If you want to learn German but not spend too much time working on it or stressing about it, hers is your class!

Jan 2011

Alexis is fantastic! If you can take his class, you definitely should. He's very laid back and our class was a lot of fun. Sometimes he goes off on little tangents, which are at least always very amusing. The atmosphere was so relaxed and conversational that I never felt embarrassed to make a mistake, which in turn helped me learn loads more. I would recommend him to anyone taking German, and I would definitely take his class again.

Nov 2005

Sam is the definition of laid back, and yet you'll still learn German! He runs a fun, low-stress class, with a good deal of amusing class interaction and discussion. I'd definitely recommend him for Elementary German.

Nov 2001

Very laid back, very engaging class. Not a work hound, light homework (15-20 min). Speaks quickly, but won't hesitate to explain himself until the whole class understands him. Very approachable and understanding. 4 exams, and 4-5, 1 page essays. Good class to take if you have had a year or two of German, mostly conversational work, little reading comprehension.