Ballet I

Dec 2020

Worst class I have ever taken in college. This is literally a one-credit pass/fail PE course and I spend several hours a day doing her assignments and Professor Glasner is a very strict grader. She does not leave a single word unread and WILL gladly give zeros for any assignment that is not to "her liking". She does not applaud the effort, instead, she demands her students to submit papers for each class and she always calls out students in class, singling them out and embarrassing them in front of everyone. Do not take this course if you are just taking it for PE credit, because the workload is equivalent to a 3 or 4 credit course, and beware of harsh grading.

Aug 2020

This man is the absolute sweetest. He brings a lot of great energy to the room, gives lots of feedback and doesn't take himself too seriously. This is a great class for those who have little to no dance experience. If you're worried about putting money down for the attire needed for this class (it's really just the ballet flats), he's really communicative and helpful in directing you to the resources that can help alleviate those costs. Please take a ballet class if you ever had an inkling of interest, and try and take it with McCloskey! I had a morning class and honestly it was a pain to get to, but super rewarding afterwards.

Nov 2013

This is really a great class to take! I am so happy I took it and I will definitely take it again. Assaf is the nicest and sweetest instructor. He is an amazing dancer and is demonstrating all steps himself- which looks incredible, but at the same time he is very approachable and down to earth. He makes sure to pay attention to all of the students in the class and I really feel like I have gotten better thanks to him. I had very minimal dancing background before taking this class and no ballet background at all and I feel I have learned so much. Interestingly this ended up being the class I most enjoyed going to this semester.