Ottoman Empire

Mar 2014

If you have a real interest in the Middle East or Eastern Europe, you should take this course. It’s an odd course in that it covers many centuries, but it is intended for serious students. Some lectures can feel a bit superficial as they speed through large chunks of time. Professor Philliou balances that with a reading list full of journal articles and excerpts from advanced monographs, as well as some interesting primary source readings. She is at her best when responding to questions during lecture—and there were a lot of good questions from advanced undergraduates and grad students. That’s when she can slow down and go into depth for a few minutes, and you see that she is smart, really knows the scholarship in her field, and has a lively intellect and gentle sense of humor. It would be better if she could split this course into two semesters, but until then, grab it when it comes around next time. It’s a good solid course.