Western Theatre Traditions: Modern

Mar 2014

It's odd to read these reviews. Dr. Mustamaki is very nice, but most lectures aren't lectures at all, but discussions led by the group presenters assigned for that class date. We've had no guest lecturers and in fact Dr. Mustamaki herself usually sits and merely guides the discussion while fellow student's present most of the contextual information and critical questions about the authors or plays. The play selection is good and wide reaching across European and American Modernism, with a quick lecture about the beginning of the industrialist period. -Textbook note:REQUIRED TEXTBOOK HEAVILY USED, YOU WILL ACTUALLY NEED TO BUY IT -Play note: Tickets for Machinal were arranged through ArtsLink at a deep discount, not covered by the professor/class. play attendance was not required. -Attendance: taken every class, incorporated into grading (see below) Final Grade: For students whose attendance/participation is acceptable, final grade in the course will be no lower than the figure determined by this formula: Papers 50% (1-15%; 2-35%), Final Exam 35%, Presentation and Discussion Board Entries: 15%.