College Composition

Apr 2006

A pretty useful class, but a horrible, horrible teacher. Most international students I know are afraid of taking this class because of her. She is an extremely harsh grader, who neglects ideas and picks on the smallest things. I took this class in spring 2005, got a B-; and later in University Writing in fall I got an A-. Apart from grading she is not a friendly person either - I was honestly pretty fed up with her showing off as a Doctor, and also her unfriendliness when I tried to talk to her after class. In short, Shelley is one of the worst English teachers I have ever met in life. I wish I had taken College Composition with another more friendly, encouraging teacher, so that I would have enjoyed writing earlier.

Aug 2005

I took Sailaja's class a couple years ago, and after reading the negative reviews, I feel the need to add a good one. No, College Composition isn't the greatest subject, but it isn't with any teacher. Sailaja really wants her students to learn the subject and encourages anyone who needs any sort of help to talk to her. I wouldn't say that I loved the class, but out of all the teachers I've had at Columbia, she has definitely been the one most concerned about what happened to me. When I asked her to write me some recommendations, she not only said yes, but met with me to discuss my future and even went through my old essays so she could be specific in my recommendation. I know that doesn't say much about the class, but I just think teachers who care that much are few and far between. I'm a senior now and don't even know if she still teaches, but I wanted to put in a good word.

Jan 2003

Ah, The Im, Jeannie is a very brilliant but a very insecure young woman who mistakes aggression for authority. Her curt and hostile manner is a vain attempt to desguise her fears of being a new teacher. My class complained to the department on three seperate occassions about her unproffessional manner which caused the class as a whole to feal uncomfortable and nervous to ask questions...not the kind of situation that promotes learning. She was spoken to by the department and things did get slightly better. I have to say I learned a huge amount in her class but under one of the most uncomfortable situations I've ever encountered at college. I hope someday Jeanie will losen up and gain the confidence to share her knowledge with others without feeling threatened.

Nov 2001

When I saw the first review of her here, I wanted to transfer classes. I tried. But then classes started. While discussions in class can get dry/boring, that will happen with any composition class. But the papers, compared to other options from other instructors, were great. She can be a tough grader, but not unfair. She's always willing to talk to you when you need it. You can feel just as comfortable talking to her/writing to her about movies as you can about literature. Overall, she's just very cool and wants to help you learn. Just don't show up late to class.