University Writing

May 2014

Professor Crandall is amazing. She has the ability to help you grow as a writer within a short amount of time and is one of those rare people that inspires you to be better. I signed up for the UW Gender Studies class just because I was interested in the subject but I never bothered looking Crandall up on CULPA - I just wanted to learn more about topics in Gender Studies. I say this because you really have to be interested in the subject to get the most out of this class. This isn't just a writing class - it's a class aimed to challenge the way you think as well as the way you write. If you are not an open-minded individual you will not enjoy this class because the discussions that take place are not meant to "be comfortable" or typical. In other words, if you don't like being challenged, take a different class. Here's a quick list of what I believe makes Emma Crandall's class worth fighting to get into: -straight-forward feed back: if you want more feedback, ASK for it and go to her office hours prepared with questions. It's really your own fault for not taking the extra time to engage with her. I have never found another Professor's office hours to be more helpful. -amazing class discussions: you need to participate and share your thoughts even if you're not sure how others will react to it - this is what makes this class so interesting. And also, don't get offended by anything Crandall says. She is trying to challenging the way you think, not trying to force her own beliefs on you. She just wants to help you make sure you can back up your argument effectively. -amazing personality: at the beginning of the semester she seemed a little guarded. As the semester went on though, and as she got to know the class, she loosened/livened up and it turns out she is really funny. SHE LOVES HER STUDENTS and that is important if you want a good professor. -excellent readings: I don't know what else to say about the readings other than that they were interesting and engaging. -timely grading: you get your essays and homework back pretty darn quick.