Primary Texts of Latin American Civilization

Apr 2021

Professor Pizzigoni is by far one of the best professors at Columbia. She is one of the kindest and sweetest souls I've ever met. She takes the time to really get to know you and every one of her students. During COVID-19 she has always been very understanding and has never hesitated to cut down on work when it gets to be too much. Not only is she just an amazing human being, she also knows her stuff really well. Take any class with her, you won't regret it.

Apr 2021

Caterina Pizzigoni is an absolute angel. She cares about every single one of her students and her kind spirit shines through in every class. She genuinely wants you to do well and will do anything in her power to help you. I can't recommend her enough.

May 2014

What is Anne Freeland doing at Columbia? She is far too lively, friendly, and adept at teaching to fit in with the rest of our professors. Nevertheless, while Anne is here, you really ought to take her class. She drove energetic class discussions with the experience of a professor far beyond her years. Themes which were part of the class include self-determination, authenticity, and the role of indigenous peoples. The readings balanced these themes well. The intellectual meta-commentary on them was missing, but I guess the class is "primary texts." She also has a background in Marxist anthropology, integrating this discourse into lectures. While most of it flew over everyone's head, I think it was a valuable foundation for other classes. Our group activities were hit or miss, and the availability of texts was a problem around the middle of the semester, but otherwise this was a class you could look forward to.