Young Adult Novel

Sep 2014

Jennifer is a very hard grader. In her YA seminar, we were required to read each student's stories and write critiques for them, even though it was a seminar and not a workshop class. Besides this, she didn't bother to collect copies of the critiques which meant that some students didn't do them (I myself didn't receive a few), or didn't do them properly. So for those students who put the time and effort into their critiques, they were not rewarded. Despite having to workshop students plus write critiques, the bulk of our grade was for our own stories, and like I said, she marks hard! So with the bulk of that grade being for your own stories, you'd better write a NY times bestselling piece to get a good grade overall for the class! With all the hard work and effort I put into her class, I would have received an A in any other class had I done the same amount of work. Well I didn't get an A in her class. So most of the work is done for the other students' benefits and less for your own benefit, but yet your time deprived story is worth more than anything else in terms of grade. She rarely lectured in the class, and almost everything I learnt was from critiquing the other students. In terms of her personality, she is not the friendliest person around, and even though she smiles sometimes, she strikes me as not genuine. But that's just my opinion. Bottom line: only take her class if you're a great writer and don't need to learn anything so that you wouldn't have to worry about your grade and can spend all your time focusing on other people's work.