Intro to French and Francophone Studies I

Aug 2014

Professor Saada is my favorite professor at Columbia. Here’s why: 1. Her energy and enthusiasm for the subject matter as well as her sense of humor makes her very relatable and creates a light class environment where you can feel comfortable participating. 2. Also, this woman knows her stuff. She is a wealth of knowledge and her excitement to teach will make you excited to come to class. This is such a treat since it’s rare to find a professor who can both engage and challenge you intellectually and on a personal level. I decided to take this class just because I like French but over the course of the semester, I became really interested in French history, thought, and philosophy and it helped prepare me for the second semester of CC. I highly recommend this class for anyone exploring the French major or concentration. Saada is also fair in terms of workload and understands that life gets crazy during midterms; she was flexible with setting the due dates for papers to accommodate our schedules.