Early Caribbean Literature

Jan 2015

Silva is a man of strange and wonderful benevolence. I took this class to fulfill an English distribution requirement and while I can't say I enjoyed the material all that much, Silva himself was wonderful. He'll read your papers as many times as you want to write and revise them before the deadline, as long as you bring them to his office for him to read in person. You should definitely take advantage of this, because he will tell you exactly how to improve your writing and is quite charming to boot. His exams are tricky. They're long and seem to defy studying in unexpected ways. But fret not, because his grading is mysteriously generous. I suspect that if he knows you and has some faith in your ability, then he will finagle the grades around to give you what he thinks you deserve, regardless of how the numbers fall. (This is another reason you should go to office hours.) As the reviewer below said, his lectures are consistently clear, sensible, and purposeful (and this may not sound like a big deal, but it's honestly a huge relief compared to some of the nonsense that goes on in this department). All in all, highly recommended.