University Writing

Oct 2017

Ida is the best UW teacher! Very approachable and accommodating, but also a very skilled writing teacher. My writing skills have improved so much with her help, and I now feel much more prepared for writing assignments in my future courses. There's a lot of works, but she makes it fun. She does take a little while to grade and return papers, but it's well worth the wait. Every paper is graded with thorough, comprehensive, and legible feedback. I can't say enough good about my experience in her class.

Apr 2015

Valeria provides very helpful constructive criticism, but is a harsh grader. Most of the people in our UWriting American Studies class complained that she didn't tend to give out As. Basically everyone I know got some form of a B, which I suppose is fair, but a little annoying when a lot of your fellow freshmen in UWriting talk about how they do no work and get As. This class has a lot of work, and I believe Valeria states in her syllabus that if you get an A in the class it means your work is worthy of being published.