Projects in Computer Science

Apr 2015

This review is for the course project COMS E6901. Apoorv Agarwal is the most unprofessional person to work with. He has absolutely no proper schedules when it comes to working with project students, and is very demanding and inconsiderate towards other priorities such as coursework. His goals kept shifting during the project and was different from what he discussed at the start. He is very disrespectful and rude. He is quick to blame without proof and sends impolite emails without giving you a chance to get back and reply. The meetings that are scheduled, usually left me waiting. He would change deadlines as per convenience and would expect you to work through vacations, and entire nights. In spite of communicating results, etc through emails and documentations, he ignores those and continues to ask for the same multiple times, which is annoying for the other person. He keeps shooting work giving short notices and when asked for some time due to other coursework conflict, he would intimidate saying grades would be affected. He asked for writeup, other questions about the work I did after the semester ended. These are not clarifications but those which had been explained during the semester. Though my deliverables were timely and documentation to support it, he still had many questions, often asked with sarcasm and insults. He gets a lot of his work done from students for his PhD. Being a student himself, he treats students working with him with such disrespect. His advisor Owen Rambow was not involved at all in the project, but ended up coming on the research fair as if it is a project with him or at least you would expect he would be involved since he showed up and spoke with you, but that was not the case in reality. It is a horrible idea to do a project with him in my opinion, it is a waste of your tuition money! It is like paying to do work rather than getting paid! I would strongly suggest taking up coursework rather than a project with Apoorv Agarwal. My purpose was to have a good research and learning experience, but was completely the opposite!