College Composition II

Feb 2003

My writing improved in this class. Overall, Mr. Bird coaxes rather that demands. He also encourages independent thought and makes a conscientious effort to bring out the best in his students. I highly recommend his course.

Dec 2002

"Run from this man," "avoid him," "gives people prorgressively worse grades." Who the hell are these people, they obviously took the course with the wrong attitude. If you seek to improve your writing and desire to read and study fascinating literature, then Veneciano is the instructor for you. He is a tough grader, but he knows his shit and your writing will improve if you apply yourself and employ his techniques. There is more to his course (and to education) than these previous reviewers claim. I recommend Veneciano--if you value good writing. The readings he selected for the course are some of the best that I read all semester.

Aug 2002

John is a fantastic teacher. His enthusiasm is contagious and he goes out of his way to help his students understand the difficult works of Milton, Shakespeare, Hopkins, etc. Class discussions were always lively and his tough grading really helped me focus on what I wanted to say and how best to do so. John is open to his students' interpretations of the material covered and honest about what he isn't sure of himself -- no ego trip from him at all. He's someone you want to talk to after class about every type of literature or anything at all. One of the best.

May 2002

Horrible instructor. Please if you do nothing else all semester follow this advice and run - RUN FAST!!! She is horrible. She is a conservative and, in my opinion, can't tolerate anything that is outside of her conservative midwestern upbringing.

May 2002

I too was aghast early on in the semester. YEs she was unapproachable, rude and condescending. BTW ,this describes quite a few of the prof's . However, it's no diminishing returns here. Put in the work, engage in class (imp.) and show up at her office hrs once in a while and you'll 1- learn something 2- wind up w/ a decent grade. Once you get to know her she is quite a nice person and you could do much worse

May 2002

Run from this man. His class is excruciatingly boring. The essay topics he comes up with are simply insane. The readings he assigns are among the worst I've read throughout the course of my education. He continues to disrespect his students by coming late every day. And, if you demonstrate in your essays, no matter how logically and coherently, that you don't share in his adoration for the writers he assigns, he'll give you a terrible grade. He also expects that everyone coming into his Comp II class has taken the same Comp I and that Comp I was taught the way he would teach it. As a result, he rarely feels it is necessary for him to explain mechanical details to the class before an assignment is due. Instead, he waits until he's given out a bunch of C's, and then he proceeds to discuss what the students should have known before they wrote the essay. This method of teaching is a sure fire way for Veneciano to set the student up for failure. He is the most pompous non-professor I've encountered. For all his in-class self-promotion and repeated praise of his own abilities, you will walk away from a semester with Veneciano feeling as though the quality of your writing has taken a nose dive.

Apr 2002

I am SO sorry if you get stuck with her- Watch out! Not only is she disorganized, but our whole class "misinterpreted" what she wanted us to do consistently- from the weekly essay assignment to other 'things'. You would hope that she would figure out that she was the problem, not a whole class. But NO, instead she would punish us by adding things on as assignments for the rest of the semester.

Apr 2002

The comp department lets instructors choose their own reading list, and Veneciano has terrible taste in literature. He is obsessed with Langston Hughes and Sojourner Truth, two of the most banal and boring writers in American history. For your ten required essays, he will ask you to respond to loaded questions he does not fully explain, and then he will berate you for coming to the conclusions his questions begged. He is at least 15 minutes late to class every day, and then he makes you stay late, and then you're late for your next class, etc, etc. Condescending, uninspiring, expects the world, and gives next to nothing. Stay far, far away.

Apr 2002

Amazing...I am strongly opposed in many ways to the notion of a mandatory comp class, especially in light of how it is organized...That said GC makes this class worth while. I really walked away feeling like I got something out of the class and if you end up in his section consider yourself lucky. He is humble, fair, knowledgeable, and engaging. Strongly recommended!!!

Mar 2002

Never ever, ever, ever take her class! She is rude, condescending, and an intellectual snob. She has nothing nice or important to say. Your writing will not improve in this class; you will only regress in ability. Her comments are not useful, and she's looking for mistakes instead of looking to understand your essay. She gives you CÂ’s when ever possible. She acts like teaching is a major burden. Her assignments make no sense and unless you make your thesis unbelievably simple she will tell you that you make no real argument. If you ask her to explain what she wants from the assignment she looks at you like youÂ’re an idiot for not understanding her gibberish then proceeds to explain in an esoteric and nonsensical way so you are more confused. This woman is stone cold and has no personal depth that would make her a good professor. She will make you hate writing.

Dec 2001

This instructor was of no help whatsoever. He was always late to class, proclaimed to teach a method of writing that apparently no one could understand throughout the entire course, and gives people progressively worse grades.

Nov 2001

Zucker is a Phd candidate who teaches in the English department and he is the best. He is laid back, smart, funny, and a genuinely good person. If you ever have an opportunity to take a class with him do it.

Aug 2001

Fleischer's teaching World Lit this fall--avoid her at all costs. Even if it's the only class that fits your schedule, it's not worth the boredom, stress and pain you encounter in that class. She has a way of killing the most beautiful works with her condescending demeanor, and she genuinely seems to want her students to fail. If you do take her class, though, make sure that your papers have a thesis clear enough for an idiot to understand it, because otherwise she'll tell you that your argument is weak and vague.

Jan 2000

Karbiener is a phenomenal teacher. While it takes a litte adjusting to get used to her style, she is a fair grader, and she makes the class fun and interesting. She doesn't give too many papers, and they make up the entire course load. She is always willing to listen during her office hours, about the class or life in general. Perhaps one of the greatest introductory teachers there is.