Eccentrics & Outsiders

May 2015

A great writer, an okay professor. Sam Lipsyte has a lot of valuable insights to teach about writing, style, characters, and connecting sentences. He gives a really good reading list and tells you about 'webs of writers' so that if you like a book or a story you can find others like it. Sometimes he's even funny. But realistically, he doesn't take his job as a teacher very seriously. He says come visit him in office hours, says just enough of the right things so that how little he cares isn't completely obvious, but anyone looking for a genuine educational experience will immediately realize that his classes or students are not priorities for him. His lectures are improvised and meandering. He hardly gives any feedback on written assignments. He takes forever to answer emails. The creative writing department has so many amazing classes to offer, and so many dedicated teachers. Don't waste your time on a 'meh'.