Inidigenous Worlds

Sep 2015

Dr. Pizzigoni is an extremely knowledgable professor and it's obvious that she truly loves her job. Dr. Pizzigoni is one of the few professors at Columbia -- at least in my opinion -- that is prepared every single class. She clearly has a direction that she wants to take the class in and points to make along the way. As a graduate student, I was unsure if I wanted to analyze 'colonial' documents. Walking away from Pizzigoni's class, I have decided to write a thesis using exclusively colonial documents. I do caution graduate students to err on the side of caution with Dr. Pizzigoni when deciding deadlines for final papers as she is not very flexible, despite understanding that graduate students are writing papers in every course (which was really disappointing). Regardless, I highly recommend Dr. Pizzigoni as she really opened doors and changed the way I approach all forms of written history.