Civil Wars and Interventions in Africa

Sep 2015

I LOVE THIS PROFESSOR! I mean, not only is she one of the absolute nicest people ever, but she's also an incredible lecturer; she is so energetic and encouraging of all her students to speak up.You can really just tell she loves the subject. She also happens to be my advisor and she really just goes above and beyond, she always makes herself available if you need any help or to meet with her last minute. As for the class, it's just incredible. The way she teaches it gives you a whole new way of looking not just at African theory but also at political science theory in general, giving you the pros and limitations of every single argument or theory she presents (even the ones she favors). Even if you aren't super interested in sub-saharan African conflict and violence, take this class just to have her as a professor. And by the end of the second day, you probably will be interested anyway because it's a fascinating subject.